We are the only advertiser to have all these features!

  • A Comprehensive Calendar of ALL events in the County;
  • News feeds of  Daily News in the County;
  • A Discussion Forum for our citizens on all issues;
  • The first Concise History of our area;
  • A data base of users who want to receive information of your business that grows daily!
  • Shopping online from local and major companies;
  • A monthly Newsletter inviting exploration of the web site.
  • Streaming Video and Music from our area
  • Unique features for your adds such as mouse overs
  • Direct hyper links and add copy of your business

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Ranked at the TOP of  Many Google Searches!
Important, high-quality sites receive a higher Page Rank, which Google remembers each time it conducts a
search. Of course, important pages mean nothing to you if they don't match your query. So, Google combines Page
Rank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and   relevant to your
search" from " Google Rankings
From Google: 4/14/2007

  • When people look for local businesses and services they use a Search Engine.
  • The most popular Search Engine is Google.
  • People then put in " key words" to find you!

We are also inked to over 199 businesses web sites through out the County  greatly increasing your exposure.
Compare our Rates!
Unlike adds that are inserted once and geared to a "local" audience, your add is active, linked, and available for your
potential customers all over the United States! Your customers can also contact you at anytime-even in the "slow

We believe that they are:

  • The least expensive and most effective and the only media to adjust the rate to the size of your business to
    promote the many small businesses in our area.
  • The only media to have the features below.
Features of Your Advertisement!
Mouse over features with second picture from your web site
Images directly link to your site
5-10 lines of copy of your business
Modifications throughout the year at no cost.
Hyperlinks in copy to your site and your e-mail.
One size for all so the small business is always equal to the large businesses
Available 24/ 7 365 days a year to your customers.
No contracts and payment due only when you are 100% satisfied
More Than A Newsletter...More than a Web Site!
A Web Site is ineffective if no one sees it!  
A Newspaper is discarded in a day.
Radio is forgotten in a flash!

Through the use of numerous marketing techniques we work to make sure YOUR BUSINESS is seen by all in our
Just a few of these marketing  ideas that we use are as follows:

  • Distribution of our Newsletter to  what we believe is the LARGEST data base of local  potential customers
    each and every month!
  • A mailing list i composed only of those who want to receive it.
  • A simple opt out feature is in place where house who do not want to receive can click and be forever removed.
  • Our Newsletter and Web Site is useful to all and not mere advertising!
  • Our site contains Daily News through RSS feeds, Daily Weather, and a local Discussion Group and people check
    it daily for all their daily news!
  • Mouse over features with second picture from your web site.
  • Animate graphics to maintain interest.
  • Images directly link to your site
  • Highest ranking on many Key Words on the No 1 Search Engine-Google!
Your advertisement is seen 24 hours a day/365 days a year!
Your name:
Your email address:

  • Try us at NO OBLIGATION!
  • We will put your business up  
    within a week
  • There is no Contract,
  • If you would like to place a Trial
    Advertisement or would like to
    have our rate schedule, simply e-
    mail us at gorgenews@bellsouth.
  • We hope that you enjoy our
    Newsletter and Web Site! In our
    area we all need to promote each
No Obligation Trial  Advertisement!
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