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J. B. Freeman sells sixty-four acres including Chimney Rock to Dr. Lucius B. Morse And brothers for $5000.00


Church of the Transfiguration, established


For the Census of Rutherford County in 1910 please click here


Jones, Woodrow Wilson (b. 1914) — also known as Woodrow W. Jones — of Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, N.C.
Born in Green Hill Township, Rutherford County, N.C., January 26, 1914. Democrat. Member of North Carolina state house of
representatives, 1947; U.S. Representative from North Carolina 11th District, 1950-57; federal judge, 1968


Rutherfordton – Asheville highway completed.


Construction on graded road to Chimney Rock Park begins..


Major flood causes extensive damage in gorge, kills eight in Bat Cave, And destroys Chimney Rock bridge:
Sherrill Inn  sold to Elizabeth ( Cramer) and James G.K McClure. The previous owner, Judge Plillips,
(AGE 80)had a 18 year old wife.


Esmeralda Inn destroyed by fire


Cliff Dweller’s Inn opens on Chimney Rock Mountain.


Chimney Rock Consolidated School. It was located near  Havaner's  Point off Buffalo Road ( Lake Lure was not built yet)


Lucius Morse conceives large summer resort in area.  Chimney Rock Mountains, Inc. is formed.


Chimney Rock Mountains, Inc. Purchases 8000 acres east of Chimney Rock Park.

Construction of Lake Lure Dam begins.
Buffalo Cemetery at the now Rumbling Bald Resort created.  
For a list of families buried do see  http://www.rfci.net/wdfloyd/BuffLure.html


Morse sells Chimney Rock And adjoining land to Chimney Rock Mountains, Inc.
Construction of the Lake Lure Inn begins

1926 – 1927

Lake Lure created And filled .Lake Lure covers approximately 720 acres and has a shoreline of approximately 27 miles  


Town of Lake Lure chartered.

Lake Lure Inn Opens


Power plant began operations with the sale of electricity under a 10-year contract to Blue Ridge Power Co., a
local predecessor of Duke Power, The town continues to sell electricity to Duke Power, although profits from the
dam now come second to maintaining a fixed water level year-round for the residents of the Lake Lure area.

Great depression stops or slows development of Lake Lure And Chimney Rock projects.
L. Morse And brothers repossess original Chimney Rock Company property.

Fire in the heart of Chimney Rock Village destroys nine buildings.

" The Log Shop" built by John Delevene   The building is now know as " Point Of View Restaurant"  .
It was run by L. M. Pearson's father and then LM. LM was also a past mayor of Lake Lure.
The restaurant was also once owned by Jack Hunt who was not only a past leader of the NC House
He is the only member of the NC General Assembly that served at the same time his daughter did.

Lodge on Lake Lure built as a refuge for the NC Highway Patrol. Named:: The George Penn Lodge


Washburns entertained troops from WW 2  that were on leave at the Lake Lure Inn. Presenting their wonderful collection
of photographic slides on the screen in the Chalet’s living room


The US Army  uses the Lake Lure Inn as a Rest Center for their pilots and airmen after World War 11

Philip and Helen Rosenberg Honeymoon at the Inn. Philip flew 35 combat missions
from 1944 to early 1945 with the 305th Bomb Group based in England.

•        Logan House purchased by Washburn's becomes Pine Gables.
•        The community of Bill's Creek (was named from the town of Uree. At the location behind the present
Mountain's Library was the world's smallest post office serving the town of Uree.
•        Electricity finally comes to the Bill's Creek Community And is received by just a few in the community.

Cliff Dweller’s Inn demolished.  Elevator installed at Chimney Rock Park.
ca 1952

The first TV in the Bill's Creek Community arrives And is set up at  the  Dalton Store by Mr. Wallace Early.
It was coin operated And 30 minutes of TV cost 25 cents. Men gathered here to see the latest TV,
sit around the pot bellied stove, talk, while the children played horse shoes outside the store.

The first grocery store in Lake Lure opens in the building behind the Lake Lure Inn.


Dirt Road finally paved from Bill's Creek Community to Marion
Telephone Service finally reaches the Bill's Creek Community


Mountain View Inn destroyed by fire.1981
Town of  Lake Lure buys the  entire lake and its power facilities for $390,000.

ARTHUR T. BALLARD, JR. Lieutenant Colonel - United States Air Force Shot Down: September 26, 1966                                                     
Released frpm POW camp Vietnam: March 4, 1973   SEE:

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Margaret Flinsch began making gifts of undivided interest in the Bat Cave natural area to The Nature Conservancy.
The preserve is now co-owned by Mrs. Flinsch and The Nature Conservancy   Margaret Flinsch began making gifts of
undivided interest in the Bat Cave natural area to The Nature Conservancy. T
he preserve is now co-owned by Mrs. Flinsch and The Nature Conservancy.
The Flinsches had owned the property since the 1920s. Invasive species such as tree-of-heaven, multi flora rose, Japanese grass,
wine berry, And Japanese honeysuckle threaten the preserve’s native plants. North Carolina Chapter staff And volunteers
are battling these exotic plants through the invasive species program". From The NC Nature Conservancy


A Breed Apart staring  Kathleen Turner, Rutger Hauer, and Powers Boothe

This visually beautiful eco-interest film, distributed more broadly in Europe than the US, was shot almost entirely on
and around Lake Lure.
Firestarter staring  Drew Barrymore, David Keith, and George C. Scott  filmed in Lake Lure.


Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey filmed in Lake Lure


Lake Lure Marina build


Chimney Rock Village incorporates.


20th Century Fox films “The Last of the Mohegans” in Chimney Rock Park
.Romantic adventure Last of the Mohicans starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe


Major flood causes extensive damage in Hickory Nut Gorge. Numerous buildings destroyed, steel bridges washed away, l
ake closed due to propane tanks floating in the lake. Roads closed due to trees blocking all access roads   
Thirteen inches of rain falls in three hours – September 4.

"My Fellow Americans" Movie staring Jack Lemon and James Garner filmed in Lake Lure


Esmeralda Inn destroyed by fire.


Comprehensive zoning ordinance approved for Chimney Rock Village.


As of the census of 2000, there were 175 people, 74 households, And 50 families residing in the village of Chimney Rock.
As of the census of 2000, there were 1,027 people, 495 households, and 359 families residing in Lake Lure.
As of the census² of 2000, there were 62,899 people, 25,191 households, and 17,935 families residing in the county


Referendum to allow liquor by the drink defeated 69 to 31 percent. (Defeated 1995 with 56% against, 1999 with 76% against.)


North Carolina House And Senate pass, And Governor Signs, bill to create Hickory Nut Gorge State Park. See: http:/ CLICK


•        1000 acre Chimney Rock Park offered for sale to the public for $55 R. State of North Carolina had offered $20 million.
•        Web-site set up to assist in contacting the governor's office, the Morse family, And others.  
•        Lake Lure Beach And Golf Resort changes its name to Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure


  • The state’s purchase of Chimney Rock Park took another step forward Tuesday as the Council of State approved the purchase of the privately
    owned natural area for $24 million
  • Conservation Groups start planning for an comprehensive trail system through the Hickory Nut Gorge
  • Wyndham Resort s become the new name for Fairfield Mountains
  • New Hiking Trails begin to be developed in the area! For the very latest of information on our " work in progress" Do See : Lake Lure
    Hiking Page  

Church of the Transfiguration